At the Water's Edge

Jim Cornwell

An instrumental album featuring traditional, tastefully arranged,acoustic music and fiddle tunes played on exquisite acoustic steel string guitars and mandolins.

“At the Water’s Edge,” you’ll find a place where one world ends and another begins, both blending in perfect harmony, each providing what the other so desperately needs. Music and water share in a cleansing potential that can quench a parched soul upon immersion. Like the rocks of the shoreline, traditional acoustic music has stood solid against the ever changing waves of cultural trends. May the listener be refreshed and discover their own unique, personal treasures “At the Water’s Edge.”

Jim Cornwell’s “At the Water’s Edge” is an acoustic, instrumental compilation of traditional bluegrass and Irish fiddle tunes combined with other familiar folk tunes played on exquisite, acoustic steel string guitars and mandolins. This is Jim’s third release following last year’s “Lost in the Woods” CD. Besides playing several medleys of various fiddle tunes, Jim also included some familiar classics that are not normally heard played on acoustic guitar or mandolin, such as The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, Dixie and Amazing Grace. Jim composed the refreshing title track, "At the Water's Edge," and also wrote the tune “Old Eagle." Based on his best selling “Pachabel Canon in D” from his "Lost in the Woods" CD, Jim arranged Bach’s Minuet in G for those listeners who enjoy hearing the classics being performed on guitar and mandolin.

Jim plays lead and rhythm using carefully selected, premium instruments made by Collings, Martin, Santa Cruz and Gibson. The hand selected tone woods and flawless craftsmanship of these instruments insure that the listener can meticulously hear the beauty in the music that the composer intended. Fans of this style of music will not be disappointed, and new listeners will be pleasantly surprised and discover why this type of music continues to survive century after century.

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