Lost in the Woods

Jim Cornwell

Acoustic guitar and mandolin playing traditional Bluegrass, Celtic, Baroque and Classical fiddle tunes.

Bluegrass, Baroque, Celtic, or Classical, regardless of its origin or era of composition, all great music shares the quality of being truly timeless. This music sounds its best when it is performed, as intended, on handmade, acoustic instruments combining the tone woods of spruce, maple, rosewood or mahogany. Hopefully, the music contained on this CD will bring the sacrificial tree back to life and allow each individual listener to travel to their own unique place where they can become "Lost in the Woods."

Jim Cornwell's "Lost in the Woods" CD is an instrumental compilation of traditional style fiddle tunes and music played on acoustic steel string guitar and mandolin. This is his second release following his premier CD "Over the Rainbow." The tunes come from the Bluegrass, Celtic, Baroque, and Classical repertoires, and primarily feature flatpicked lead and rhythm with some fingerpicking. Track eight consists of two original mandolin compositions inspired by Jim's horses. This track was nominated for "Best Instrumental Roots" song for the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in 2006. This was truly an honor being that the nomination was selected out of 25,500 albums, 350,000 songs from 109 countries. Jim's best selling arrangement of Pachabel's Canon in D has been used in many wedding ceremonies across the county as well as his arrangement of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.

As always, Jim's goal is to bring this music the dignity and respect that it deserves, and to share it not just with fellow musicians and string music fans, but also with a new audience who might not normally be familiar with this style of music.

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