Vintage Hymn Picks

Jim Cornwell

An acoustic, instrumental album of traditional, beloved hymns played on acoustic steel string guitar and mandolin.

This is an acoustic, instrumental collection of well known, beloved hymns that have been tastefully arranged for acoustic steel string guitar and mandolin. You can feel that hard, wooden pew underneath and almost hear the harmonies of the choir as they sing these treasured tunes that you know so well, and might miss hearing on Sunday morning.

Jim plays his 1942 Martin D-18 and his 2002 Collings MF-5, pictured on the front cover, as well as his 2003 Colllings D-2 BaaaA and his 1921 Gibson A-4. All songs arranged and played by Jim Cornwell except track 4 based on an arrangement by Bob Minner, track 5 based on an arrangement by John Moore and track 12 based on an arrangement by Kenny Smith. Jim previously released Track 10, Amazing Grace, on his At the Water's Edge CD but did a remix adding freshly recorded mandolin parts to the previous solo guitar version.

These hymn’s diverse, centuries old, composition dates, listed in the order performed, stand as a testimony that good music and the truth are truly timeless and can not be restrained by history. 1. 1818, 1868, 1879 2. 1873 3. 1912 4. 1887 5. 1885 6. 1868 7. 1893, 1898 8. 1912 9. 1923 10. 1779
11. 1929, 1947, 1840 12. 1860

To quote King David, a pretty good picker himself, Psalm 147 …play music on your instruments to God…Psalm 150…praise him with banjo…fiddle and mandolin. Hallelujah!

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